Hello all! This thread will explain how to correctly get and use the new TKU Lottery tickets in the shop!

How do the tickets work?
A maximum of 100 tickets will be given out per month. Players may only purchase up to 10 tickets per month. The prize amount is Chrix2ZZ's balance in game on the survival server. You can find this amount through /baltop. Winning numbers will be announced and prizes will be announced on the last day of each month.

How do I choose my numbers?
Here's an example of how you should type in your numbers: 5-15-25-35-45
The first number must be from 1 to 10. The second number must be from 11 to 20.
The third number must be from 21 to 30. The fourth number must be from 31 to 40.
The fifth number must be from 41 to 50.
You must enter your numbers as shown above otherwise you may not be counted. If you buy more than one ticket, never put the exact same numbers on each ticket. Be sure to change your numbers each ticket so your chances increase!

What are the prizes?
Match 2 Numbers = 10% of prize (split among winners) Match 3 Numbers = 25% of prize (split among winners)
Match 4 Numbers = 65% of prize (split among winners) Match 5 Numbers = Full Amount
For example if the winning numbers were 8-17-26-35-43 and you got 2 of those numbers. You would win $4,000 in-game cash if the grand prize was $40,000. If two people got 2 of the numbers, the prize would be split and each player will receive $2,000.

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Thanks and good luck!