TKU Creative is hosting a Build Competition in celebration of Labor Day (US)!
Read below for more details!

Begin >> Thursday, August 30 @ 12:00AM (CDT)
Build Submission Deadline >> Sunday, September 9 @ 11:59PM (CDT)
Judging and Awards >> Monday, September 10

"Dungeons and Castles"
Theme Defined: A large building or group of buildings fortified against attack with thick walls, battlements, towers, and in many cases a moat. A strong underground prison cell, especially in a castle.
Examples: Forts, Castles, Dungeons, etc.
"Spawn Areas"
Theme Defined: A region or monument that serves as a starting point and/or home-base for players.
Examples: Nether Spawn, End Spawn. No overworld spawns!

1st Place >> Builder Rank (if not already), 25% off Donation Store Coupon + 250 Website Points
2nd Place >> 10% off Donation Store Coupon + 100 Website Points
3rd Place >> 100 Website Points

NOTE: Multiple Submissions Allowed for this Build Competition!
All players except for Owners are eligible to submit a build and win a prize. Player must be registered on our website in order to receive a prize. Builds must adhere to TKU Rule #7 regarding offensive builds. Builds must also follow the theme of the competition in order to be considered for a prize. Players must submit their build to this thread by the Build Submission Deadline in order to be considered for a prize. Builds must be built by only one player, no team builds. Build must not have any block history before August 30, already-completed builds are not allowed.

Spoiler: Build Submission FormatShow

Good Luck!
~Chrix2ZZ, Mr_Nut, & xRogueDragonx