Hello all,

I know this is a bit cheeky and if it breaks any forum or community rules then please delete it. I work for a talking newspaper An organisaton that provides a free service (local news, information, interviews, tips and hints and more) To people living with sight loss (any form of visual impairment or blindness). As with all organisations in this sector we have no funding from local government and are now being fully subsidised by the Blind charity that looks after the service. The problem is we need funding in any way we can get it. This is usually by donations... Hence why i am posting this today. If any of you could spare a little bit of money to donate to a good cause then could you please do so. This service provides 120-200 people in a specific geographic area with the content above.

As previously stated i know this is a big ask, and i completely understand if nothing comes from this but any donation, no matter how small would help the talking newspaper keep running and providing this invalubal service to those who need it.

If you are interested in donating please follow the link below and use the donation button on the page. (Where it says donate now Above "The Latest issue of the Talking News" https://www.beaconvision.org/talking-news/

As i said earlier, if this breaks any rules i do apologise and feel free to delete this.

(Note: Please only donate if you have the account holders permission to do so, Please do not feel obliged to donate)