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This post contains the server rules, their explanations/context, and their consequences if broken.
After disciplinary action for the same offense has occurred three times, you may be temporarily banned from the server.

Revised 10/05/2018

Rules in this color will result in being temporarily muted. (5m, 10m, 20m)
Rules in this color will result in being temporarily jailed. (1h, 12h, 24h)
Rules in this color will result in a temporary ban. (1d, 3d, 7d)
Rules in this color will result in a permanent ban.

Server Rules
1. Respect All Users
Everyone playing is a human, please treat each other respectfully. Please be mindful of your communication, and respectful to others. We will not tolerate toxicity, discrimination, offensive remarks, provocative remarks, or harassment. Sensible, well thought-out speech will make everyone’s day a lot better. Please remember that the server is a public service, and there are plenty of players who are similar to you on the other side of the screen.

2. Respect Staff Members
All decisions made by staff members are considered a final solution, so please do not argue about any of the decisions made. If you feel like you have been wrongly punished or treated in any way, please use the ticketing system to voice your concerns, or send a member of the administrative team a message. Any form of communication that can be considered flame, rage, toxic, or detrimental to the community will result in a ban from our server.

3. No Mini-modding
We have no problem with players helping other players, we encourage it and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, please do not act as though you are a staff member. This is a form of impersonation, even though you may explicitly state that you are not related to the staff team. We ask that you do not answer questions you are unsure of, or state server-related speculations that not been confirmed. If your plan is to apply for staff in the future, but start off by helping others, that’s wonderful. However please respect that you are not staff yet, therefore should not act or answer questions like one. We welcome and encourage gameplay-related help and assistance, which promotes community and an enjoyable environment. We do not encourage commanding attitudes and server-related assumptions.

4. No Griefing
Griefing other users' builds is not allowed. Do not destroy another user's build. Small entrances into someone's home or base will not get you jailed, but you will receive a verbal warning from a moderator. Do not use redstone mechanics to steal from unlocked chests. You may take from unprotected chests however, so long as you do not break your way into someone's home or base.

5. Do Not Spam or Use Excessive Caps
Spam or use of excessive capital letters is not allowed. We consider spam to be messages of the similar nature repeated consecutively. consisting of a large amount of capital letters also follow this category, and is considered spam. Multiple staff members may consider spam differently, please respect their judgement

6. PG-13 Discussion Only
Please be mindful of other people when speaking in chat, as our server attracts players of all ages. This follows the rules with respecting players and staff. We ask all players to refrain from using profane or offensive language. We refer to the PG-13 tag similarly to that of movie ratings, specifically to chat context. Words such as ass, damn, or shit are okay for sporadic use as long as they are not directed towards another player. All other words are considered against this rule. We have an 18+ chat voice channel on our discord server for those of age.

7. No Offensive Skins, Capes, Usernames, Nicknames, or Builds
Offensive skins, capes, usernames, nicknames, and builds are strictly forbidden. This includes things that are racist, offensive, or sexually explicit. Skins, capes, usernames, and nicknames of this nature will receive a ban until they care changed, but builds of this nature will result in a permanent ban from our server.

8. Do Not Cheat, Exploit Bugs/Glitches, or Bypass Punishments
Cheating and exploiting includes using any sort of unfair advantage. This includes hacked clients, forbidden modifications, and any form of bug or glitch. If you find a bug or glitch, please fill out a support ticket. Bypassing punishments by using in alternate account will result in a permanent IP ban. Bypassing punishments through cheating or exploiting bugs/glitches on a single account will result in a permanent account ban. Bypassing punishments using the /helpop command will result in a temporary ban.

9. Do Not Advertise
Mentioning other minecraft server names, sending links to other server websites, or sending other server IP addresses is not allowed on any TKU server, our discord server, or our website. Depending on the player's intention and how blatant the advertisement is, you may receive a verbal warning and/or mute first at the staff member's discretion. Otherwise, this will result in a permanent ban from our server.
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Bump. Updated rules to include no griefing.
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